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When the ZOË boutique first opened its doors in 1995, it was a different place entirely.  It packed all its style into a mere 600 square-feet in the heart of downtown Princeton.  Since then, the ZOË boutique has not only added shoes and accessories to its inventory, but it has also acquired more space. A couple of big moves (across the street in 1998 and across the other street in 2004) and one recent move in summer 2017, up to the bustling and exciting Nassau street sector of Princeton.

With its swelling space and repertoire, ZOË has become Princeton’s very own style landmark. The woman who made it all possible is owner Lisa Brock, a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology.  For the past twenty years, Brock has combined her design expertise and business instincts to transport high fashion to what used to be the unfashionable “burbs.” Her finger always on the pulse to keep only the freshest looks hanging from ZOË’s racks.

What sets the ZOË boutique apart from its look-a-likes is the unique collection of designers, ranging from Chloé to Dense Lente, Zimmermann to Alexander Wang, Nili Lotan to Ulla Johnson.. Even more distinguishing is its customer. Unlike the typical high-end boutique that services women in their 20s and 30s, ZOË’s customer is anyone from the precocious teen to the groovy matriarch. It isn’t clear which came first—does ZOË carry this diverse label load to accommodate its varied patrons? Or are ZOË’s patrons varied because the store’s selection is so wide and deep? Either way, it’s a marriage that works.

It’s more than the Paris shows and the eclectic designer showcase that make ZOË the shopper’s dream. It’s Brock’s eye that is the muscle of the whole operation.  ZOË is the only boutique that houses it all…and the best of it all. If every brand is selling its own story, then Brock chooses the best chapters from each and combines them to tell her own—a tale she likes to call… ZOË.