Supima Slub Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt

Supima Slub Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt

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Supima slub jersey v-neck t-shirt. A relaxed fitting tee made from super-soft Supima cotton. Designed with a classic v-neckline and hits right at the hip. Small slits at the sides with a shorter hem in the front.

Supima is a specialty cotton that is exclusively produced and manufactured in the United States. Traditional Supima is constructed using extra-long fibers that contribute to softness, strength and color retention. Stateside's Slub Supima Jersey is designed with slight knots and knobbles known as slub to create a refined, textured finish.


Designer ID: 04-1153

Color: White

Composition: Supima Slub

Care: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle

Fit: Model is wearing a size small

Made in the USA